Thursday, July 28, 2011

Staples GREAT Teacher school supply

If you are a teacher (or a homeschooler with proof- letter to or from state) GET TO STAPLES and you can CLEAN UP in school supplies! You can get 25 of each of the penny or nickle items (there are three most weeks) in each TRANSACTION (when you spend $5) Monday through Wednesday! When I went Wednesday night, with the managers permission and urging I got 2 transactions of this weeks items: index cards, highlighters and 8 pack of pencils. I got 50 each for 1.50!! I'm not kidding!
I did have to spend $5 for each transaction, but I needed to anyway to get somethings on my list. They do it every week through end of August!! It's 3 different items each week. Sometimes it's 5 cents and other time it's 1 cent. The manager asked me to come back tonight and I could help clean out his inventory! So Wednesday nights, might be the best night to go. You need to bring proof or sign up for the Teacher rewards on the website:

I did it several years ago, but I just had to put in that I was a homeschooler and the name of our school if I remember correctly.
I'm not going back tonight. I think 50 packs of pencils, 100 highlighters (packs of 2) and 50 packs of index cards will get us through the year! :) I thought this might help some people get needed supplies!

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