Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We use work boxes to organize our work and organize the mom. Yep I need help organizing for sure! I love them because they help keep me on track and the kids can work independently if needed.
We've used work boxes in a variety of ways. If you are new to work boxes you can read about Sue Patrick's workboxes here. Some people swear you need to read the book. I didn't, I'm a rebel like that and not willing to part with my pennies. Instead I read Sue Patrick's site and scoured the web for blogs on work boxes and workboxes in small spaces. These were my favorite workboxes blog posts(click on these AFTER you finish reading my post- these posts are very addictive and will lead you on a rabbit trail hunt for the best way to do your workboxes and you will not remember where you started! I've been there- promise- so keep reading :) ):


There are many different ways to use the boxes depending on the space, materials and ages of children you have. Here are some blog lists showing the variety of ways people have adapted workboxes to fit their homes and situations:



We've done it two ways. We have used them in a rubber maid boxes with zip-locks and a piece of cardstock to keep them stiff. Sort of like this, except we used zip locks be cause that's what we had around the house:
(Scroll down to see the pictures)

Since we aren't doing it this way any more and I've re purposed the boxes I don't have a picture. I may have one in my other computer, but I'll have to look (and since I have a love hate relationship with that computer it may take me a while).
Now that we moved and have more space we have also transitioned to using them with an ikea shelf and some boxes I found at target.

I bought Target out of these boxes them all out and haven't seen them since. Ans I found them while on vacation. Our local target didn't carry them! I found 12 red and 4 blue. Perfect for the 6 yr old (red) and 4 year old (blue) for now. I'm hoping target carries them again in their Dollar spot section. They were $2.50 each but found in the dollar spot. They are not see through which has some disadvantages, but they fit our space and work well. I still have some things to tweak, but they work well for my 6 year old and not as well for my 4 yr old. We have been transitioning to Montessori for the younger two and my 4 and 2 yr old are doing better with that. I have bookshelves for them next to the workbox bookshelf with Montessori works set out.

I try to change them daily depending on interest and what they are working with, but I usually end up changing them every other day. I'm hoping to go through what are on other shelves and put out some more Montessori works there. My 6 year old wants to the Montessori works she sees her sisters doing and so she gets to pick these as her free choice. When she gets to a box that has a fun thing (puzzle, game, drawing etc) and she would rather do a center, she can pick that. It's fine with me. I just wish I had had more space and more of these done when she was younger. We do what we can with what we have and I think she's grown up just fine without it, but she sure does enjoy it now.
I'll be posting pictures of what is in the boxes soon and details about our Montessori shelves as well.


  1. Hello! thanks for the great post, where did you get the brown shelf in the picture?

  2. Glad it's helpful! A friend gave the bookshelf to me. I drilled extra holes in the sides to be able to put in more shelves. I got ikea shelfs from the "as is"section at ikea for $1 each and I cut them to the right length to the right length. Hope that is helpful! :)