Saturday, July 16, 2011


Summer happens and life is crazy. I swore we were going to take a short break and keep schooling over the summer.... Weeellllll, that break was May, June and 1/2 of July so we're starting back up next week.
We have gone to weddings, played out side, rested alot and done lots of stuff on the house that had been previously neglected. Not yet done the beach, but hoping to in August or September. We're also looking forward to a short term and a probable visit from the grandparents and a probable trip in September. So we'll be around and schooling, but making time for life. And since we got ODD test results back, I'm not worried. I don't put a lot of account into those test results, but other people that would put the pressure on me do care about those tests- so phew! Pressure off! :)

I tend to like to school in Summer and Winter when it is either too cold or too hot to got outside for long lengths of time. Then take time off in the Spring and fall when we can be outside with reckless abandonment. That many not happen this year since we've taken a bit of time off. I think we are fine, but there's always the feeling of having to keep up with the Jones'. Then I try to remind myself that the only one setting the time frame is me. We have until next August to take tests and we will learn plenty between now and then. What's your year schedule like? It's always fun to see what others do and glean ideas that might work for our family.
We're ramping up to have a K and 2nd grader this year with a 2 year old who is trying to show them all up with her skills and abilities. Why is it the 2 year old can count to 30, sound out a good portion of letters and loves school while the other two are sometimes not so thrilled with school?? Must be personalities I guess!
If I can find the time I'm going to up load the list of books I've been reading and some really great free kindle book sites. They have been great sources for us for family reading material. I hope you are enjoying the summer where ever you are and I'll be back to report in on how we're doing!

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