Saturday, December 31, 2011

Night nursing and staying warm!

Since blog is a collection of what I do at home I'm including this hear. Many homeschoolers have younger children as well. It has been colder this year for a few reasons and so I have come up with a really nice way to nurse and night and not have my belly get cold as I lift up my shirt. Maybe someone is already doing this, but I thought I would share in case it would be helpful. I have 2 sweat shirts with no hood that zipper up.(if you don't' co-sleep you can use a hoodie. If you co-sleep either find a sweatshirt with out a hood, or find an old hoodie and cut it off! And underneath I wear a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt. That's it! Then when I want to nurse I unzipper the sweatshirt as much as I need and pull up the shirt to nurse. I can adjust the zipper to keep me warm. It doesn't seem like much , but it has made sleeping and nursing so much more comfortable in our cool house. Our old apartment used to be soooo warm there was no need for this and last year we kept it pretty warm, but they've raised the rates incredibly high so we are keeping it cooler this winter.

Anyway hope that helps someone or maybe tuck it away for when you need it

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