Monday, July 1, 2013

Memorizing scripture

My husband and I feel memorization is important. It's a skill that is needed through out school and it's important to have certain passages memorized. In our homeschool, we do scripture memory and other school memory. So far the scripture memory has gone well and the other, not quite in the groove yet. But we will take our wins where we get them! :)I found a neat idea for scripture memory on one of my favorite blogs over on Our Busy Homeschool. There are more details on Simply Charlotte Mason.

As I do with most things I tweak them a bit to make them work for us. In comes our "Scripture Memory Notebook" instead of a set of index cards.We generally do this at breakfast and sometimes the other meals too. That's the goal, but it doesn't always happen!
 So we review scriptures in the following way:
Daily scripture
Odd or even day (of the month)
Day of the week
Date of the month (1-31) You put scriptures in each of the spot. Start with one you have memorized. Once you memorize it for a week it goes tot he next spot (Odd/Even) and so forth.
We have a notebook that we use landscape and it works as an easel.

For today Monday July 1st this is what our  memorization looks like:
First we recite/review our motto:
Then review the daily scripture (new) 

 Next up- the Odd scripture (it's the 1st of July)
This is what they are studying in Primary this month. I usually put the Primary scripture in odd/even so they get exposure to it, but it doesn't become the scripture of the week. They usually have it done about halfway through the month.

 It's Monday so this is where we have our Articles of Faith generally (during the Week days). You may not have them memorized, but the kids have heard them enough, so you could pop in 5 familiar ones in the week even if you don't have them memorized yet.

It's July first, so here's the first of the month, one we had on the wall at our old house, that the kids had memorized simply because they saw it every time they brushed there teeth :)

So that's how we do our scriptures :)
Let me know if you have any questions! :)

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