Monday, April 22, 2013

Daily Scripture study

We  seem to go back and forth between what works at different times in different seasons for our family. Right now we are being simple. 
Each (most) night for family scripture we grab one of a stack of Book of Mormons and read one verse from where we currently are. One verse per person.  My kids are getting older and so we can go longer with discussions, but I still find minds (and bodies) wonder if we don't keep it to the shortest attention span.
In the past we have used the big thick family scriptures with pictures called"The Book of Mormon for Latter-day Saint Families" and read from one tile to the next, 1 verse per person, and summarize the chapter..
But we aren't doing that currently for whatever reason. Using a book of mormon for each person is working better. Currently we have one set for the family, but since we tend to either do it in the kids room or in the livin groom I'm hoping to have a basket of books of mormon in each place for ease. We will see if I get it done and how it works!
For Homeschool devotional, we recite scriptures, review a GAK picture and tell/retell that story and sing a primary song or hymn- quite often using youtube for a review or unfamiliar song. We are also using the new Gospel Art book for those pictures- but they don't have the story on the back! We listen to Scripture Scouts (not Articles of Faith or Proclamation- those didn't make it with my kids), Scripture stories and Alexander's Amazing Adventures through out the day.   
That's what we are doing right now. It works well and keeps us with the spirit in our home. I am struggling to get a good personal study consistent, but find I am usually in some part of the scriptures through out the day.  Since we just had general conference I am reviewing conference talks and going through the talks to see the most frequented scriptures quoted in conference. My challenge is I want to make it more consistent! And I'm short on time! As soon as I'm up my kiddos are up, and generally first thing in the morning is best for me.  6 AM is about as early as I can get up (without feeling sick- that's just me)  and currently the kiddos are up to say goodbye to daddy (they get up on their own).
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How do you do your family scripture study? What about personal study and if you home school devotionals? I'd love to hear from you!


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