Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kaya/ Native American unit study

In December we read the first of the Kaya series, "Meet Kaya". We really enjoyed it. My daughter read most of Meet Kaya herself. She actually read it to me, since I hadn't preread it and I didn't know what she might come across in the book. It was very fun for us. We used a few different resources.
I found a lap book from Highlights of Homeschooling on Currclick. While I still haven't jumped on the lapboard band wagon, I find that they contain lots of good information that we use in our lessons. If you love lap booking tell me why. It feels like busy work to me, but I know lots of homeschoolers use and love it.
We used the vocabulary list and went through the comprehension questions. ODD Loves to do "tests". This includes worksheets and anything else that looks like a test format, whether it is aloud or writing work. This also includes much to our chock and surprise, enjoying and asking for Standardized tests!! And incredibly she LOVES it.
Anyway so we use comprehension questions as an oral quiz for her. It helps me see what she is understanding in the reading and it gives us a chance to have interaction that is just for her. This is sometimes hard to come by with 3 kids under 6 and under.
The lap book I bought from Currclick has lessons for the whole series we can go back and use this later on when they are a little older.

I got some ideas for a few activities at Ourbusyhomeschool as well as well as from Schoolathome

We also do a weekly coop with another homeschooling family and they brought a fabulous dance stick craft project. As soon as I get those pictures, I will upload them.

For now, this is the only Kaya book we will read, because the rest of the series has kidnapping and other stuff in it that my girls aren't ready for yet. It was our first intro to the American Girl Series and then we will continue with Felicity. For our first jump into the American Girls Series it was great fun and we'll definitely do some more.

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