Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bird study

I've been a little absent lately- a high radial elbow fracture will do that to a gal. And then SDD is having issues that are requiring MRIs and fun things like that. I'll post on that a little later when I actually have results and not result in a mess of blubbering tears because we still don't know what's going on with her. In the meantime we're slugging away with homeschooling and my dear sweet mom wanting to be involved with our homeschooling adventure. She's 200 miles away and knowing I'm a bit overwhelmed right now to do this she came up with a great idea for a bird study. She has been sending bird pictures she taken of birds in her birdfeeder.
Then the kids (mostly ODD) find the bird in the bird book she sent and answer a little worksheet I made. Once I get my scanner up and running I'll send her the scan and she can give the kids some feedback. Right now it's being read over the phone or just planned to be if the schedules don't mesh right now. It sounds like more work than it actually is for me. It's actually quite nice to have her be involved. I'm excited about it because we are also reading the Burgess Bird Book so it dove tails rather nicely (yes pun intended ;) )
And then I've been excited because I've been able to read the Burgess Bird book on my kindle! It's a free Kindle book and doesn't have pictures, but we have the paper book so we're not missing out. I found a bunch of great printables to go with our whole study. There are matching cars or you can use them for Montessori Nomenclature cards (see here if that word makes you go huh?)
I'm also thinking of doing a nature study more in depth. But for now with no driving allowed (silly elbow) I'm calling this our nature study! It's been am azing how many more birds we are noticing all around us and even in books we read when there are birds in the illustrations!
I think I'll even share some of this bird study in the near future! Have a great day and hope you and yours are hugging and enjoying. We never know what life may bring!

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