Monday, February 28, 2011

A sick day

We've got a houseful of sickies! ODD came down with a runny nose and watery eyes Sat and it progressed (through sniffling) to an ear infection in the middle of the night :( The other two woke up with a bark-ish cough (not croup just sounding similar). Soooo we are homebound and taking it easy. I'm so grateful to be homeschooling and after a night like last night not have to try to get someone out the door. And we can still cover some school just in a more relaxed manner!
When ODD woke up crying and I sugeested we read. I went to the "these would be good read alouds someday" section on the book shelf in her room and found Rebecca of Sunny brook farm. I found some coloring pages here:
Stage coach

Maine coloring pages

And walah we've good a lazy day of reading.

Depending how she feels I may try out our new math program. We're trying out Shiller Math. We were given the books by another homeschooling cleaning out. I love MEP, but it's not working fabulously right now and ODD is not loving math. I read something recently that if your child isn't loving math switch to something else until you find something that works. I keep intending to Montessori math, but I'm struggling with how to do it and make all the beadwork. And I just can't justify buying them. And since the Shiller was sitting on my shelf I'm going for it.
I feel very blessed to have that on our shelves.
We did the tests this weekend and the lessons look really good. Very much shat I need right now. I am a bit curious if they will be enough when it comes to new material. However it looks much like MEP in that it is spiral and many of the concepts are identical to the way they explain them.
Ok gotta run, snuggling and reading is calling my name (as well as three adorably pathetic kiddos)

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