Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We really like Montessori at our house. Follow through is my challenge and we started it with ODD quite young and as she grew I had a bit of a difficulty figuring out how to do some things- the reading and math particularly. I ended up petering out a bit, with the actual Montessori learning tools,but we kept up the Montessori inspired ideas.I made some things and bought a few, but the prices are a little steep for Montessori items. And even though the resale value is great I just wasn't able to fit it into the budget. Let alone paying for Montessori classes or training for it. Well I "happened" to come across a blog by Mamabusybee over at
On her blog there was a giveaway for Karen Tyler's Montessori online training class so of course I had to enter it.

And guess what??

So I have been downloading and preparing like a mad woman!! It's an online class that I have been looking at for years and haven't been able to justify it in the budget. And now I don't need to! I am so excited!! Can't you tell ? :)
I am hoping to share more of our Montessori journal on here as well. I have a few hiccups to figure out uploading pictures with ease, but I'll post some pictures that I have taken on our journey so far and as we continue on.
I believe things happen for a reason and coincidences aren't really that. I've been dabbling with getting back more fully in Montessori for YDD and most especially SDD and she has low tone among other things that we haven't quite figures out yet. I've been praying for guidance and it just landed in my lap! I'm so grateful for prayers that are answered clearly! :)
Thanks to Mamabusybee and Karen Tyler for this giveaway!
Have you won anything lately? I'd love to hear about it!

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