Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pondered blessings

This week has been a down week for us as we are taking a break for the next few weeks to rest and recooperate. Hopefully just two weeks will find us ready to jump back in, but it may be an extra week to get plans ready for the next year. It has made me ponder the good things and the blessing of having my children home and being able to take a break when we need it. We're into week 2 already. We haven't really been taking a complete break. We're still doing morning devotional, and ODD is reviewing math in fun ways she doesn't realize to get ready for her end of year testing I received it the other day and realized she needs to brush up on the math concepts a bit before taking it so she doesn't get frustrated. She quite the perfectionist and if she get it wrong she's fine with it, but if she doesn't know how to do something and wants to and can't get help, she breaks sown. I'm gong for no break downs :) Thankfully she really likes to do word problems. SO I make them up as we are driving or playing out side or eating. It's a way to get the review down without having a struggle. She also sits down and does a math review worksheet each day while we are doing school, so she knows how to do it, it's just another way to help her solidify those math facts in a painless way for both of us!
As I sit here typing, the rain is pouring down on the tin roof of the covered porch, the children are sleeping quietly and I'm enjoying the calm before the storm. We are going to be driving int his today! But for now I am enjoying the beautiful sound! It makes me grateful for the home we are living in and the choices we are able to make in this great country. I'm really grateful for the freedom we have to practice our religion and to school our children in the way we as parents determine is best.
We are heading to visit family this week, so here's hoping you have a great mother's day and are able to find the blessings to count blessings your life. It makes a huge difference even in times of challenge and trial!

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