Thursday, May 26, 2011

2011 Reading goal

20,000 pages Yep you read that right. Here's how it happened:
At New Years a friend of my posted on Facebook how her goal for last year was to read 20,000 pages and she read 22,000. I thought it was a very interesting goal. I began January with a similar goal of 20,000 pages. I figured that woul dbe easy since I had 11 book club books and plenty of homeschooling books to read and plenty of books to preread for my 6 year old voracious reading habit.
Also I am following a mother's education class by Katrina here I have intended to do it in years past and have done pretty well for parts of the year. This year I wanted to do better and follow through all year.
In Feb I received a kindle for my birthday and this suddenly made the goal easy. Maybe too easy in fact, I may need to increase the page goal for the later half of the year. I haven't finished compiling the list of what I have read, but I'm guessing it will be high. I struggled in January to write down the books I read with the page number in a spread sheet. It just wasn't very conducive to my life. I'm learning I need to simplify things in order to get them done. Thankfully the kindle has done that and now I just need to go through my kindle contents and see what I have read. I'll be posting the listing shortly. In pieces. To keep. it. simple.

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