Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy birthday!

My youngest turned 3 this week, and as we celebrated with family and friends, it struck me how blessed I am and our family is. We have our health( with a few issues), we have a nice home to live in( with new havac unit and dishwasher the landlord installed!), we have a paid off van that runs decently and accommodates us all, my husband has a job, we have family a driveable distance away and most importantly we have our faith in Christ and the freedom to worship Him according to our conscience. That is a freedom that many is this world do not have and we often take if for granted.
I am grateful to live in this great country and for my wonderful(and imperfect) family.
We were able to spend time with extended family for a small birthday get together and it reminded me how precious family is. I am grateful to be able to spend the time while my kids are young with them. This time is precious and it goes to darn fast!!
Enjoy your family no matter the stage or age. I'm relearning that this is the only day we have to do something with right now. The future will come, soon, but if we are in the moment there is so much we can do!
What are you grateful for?


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