Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Family Mission Statement

It's taken me a LONG time to feel comfortable enough that if I made a family mission statement that we would MISS something. Oh no!! because then it wouldn't be... Perfect, complete, all I wanted it to be??
Go away PERFECTION MONSTER!! So it was time for a change in that area. I was talking with a friend who's AWESOME at goal setting and she asked me some questions and said: Boom these are your focuses. I was astounded! She did it in 3 minutes fault. She IS a good friend and knows me well, but still! I want that skill! So I'm working on it! Our Family Homeschool Mission hasn't been written yet, but these are the things we decided we will include:
 Family homeschool mission statement OR answering the Question(for those of you who can't figure out a mission statement to save your lives!!) Why we are homeschooling (simple right?! I can't believe it's that simple!)

 Here's our family's answer:
My husband and I want to see our children come out of our homeschool with the following instilled in their hearts
Love of learning
Converted to God(not our choice, but our responsibility)
Know how to learn
Be physically healthy and aware of Gods natural medicines- food and herbs, as well as conventional medicines
Know how to work hard and enjoy it
Become servants of God and have a serving heart.
Become helpful strong parents who can parent well and clean a house, and cook delicious healthy meals
Have been taught financial skills and can follow a budget (no matter how small! )
Can set and follow through on goals
Be prepared with a skill set to earn money in this current environment
Have a marketable skill coming out of our homeschool (EMT, Hair cutting, something they can do to earn more than minimum wage as they got to college or whatever their next learning adventure is after our home)
All of this is basically Luke 2:52. Which states, " And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man."

 That's what we are now trying to squish into a mission statement. But for now a mission list has been quite helpful as we work our way back into routines!
Do you have a mission statement? What is it? I'd love to hear!


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