Friday, May 10, 2013

Including cleaners etc in the Food budget

Many people have two sets of shopping lists- Food and other. The other often include cleaners, paper towels, toilet paper, shampoos and toiletries etc. I don't It's too many lists for me. I have one shopping list. It works easier for me. I often buy shampoo at Trader Joes along with my groceries and it's too difficult for me to separate and figure out which money is from which list. So I combine. Works for us.
 For both health and finances we have simplified our personal care items. I will cover personal items now and cleaners in a future post.

 The kids and I use Curly girl method and only use conditioner. We buy one from Trader Joes. It's $2.99 and lasts 1-2 months for the 4 of us girls. It has worked for us for 3 years on all variety of hair that the 4 gals of us in the family have- fine, thick and medium hair- straight and curly. DH still likes his standard products, I used to coupon for them, but I currently buy his personal products in bulk once a year for Christmas- he's happy getting his name brand and his family gave personal care items for gifts all the time. YAY! Love that's he's not picky about that! I keep trying to get a more natural cheaper product for him, but haven't found one he likes yet.


Razors are a Costco item. Again- once a year. We usually pay $40 for a year supplies of razors. I could do better couponing, but as a homeschooling, husband in school, cooking non allergen foods from scratch mama, I don't find it worth the effort any more. Once upon a time I did. It's a different season for me. But if I could get some coupons and pay 13 cents for  shaving cream again, I would do it in a heart beat! :) We bough 20 and it lasted us 3 years- and we gave a bunch as gifts!

Toilet Paper
 Each Jan/February, I try to find a FABULOUS deal on toilet paper and buy a years supply. That has happened two years. The other years, I buy in bulk. Most recently though I have found the best Price for toilet tissue at Amazon. My buy price is 50 cents a roll. I won't buy toilet paper unless it's under 50 cents a roll- or we are COMPLETELY out- that's happened once. Amazon subscribe and save has it for $20.75 for 48 rolls. That works out t o be 43 cents a roll!  My buy price!
Often though I can find it in January at Staples or another Office store for 30 cents a roll. I buy a years supply and we eat more beans that pay period :)


I buy the kids one every 6 months. Their Dentist recommended Squigle Enamel Saver with Xylitol. They share it and get a small teeny bit on their tooth brush. This is also a Christmas stocking gift. I can't stand toothpaste so I use baking soda- or just  brush well. I still have a few tubes from couponing years ago for toothpaste for the Hubs. I need to start looking for toothpaste deals coupon wise. I haven't paid for toothpaste for the grown ups in 5 years because of couponing.

Please let me know if you have more questions! I have been toying with making my own toothpaste, but haven't found a recipe I like quite yet.


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