Saturday, May 11, 2013

Routine May 2013

Routines are important to our family, however I CANNOT follow a rigid schedule. It just doesn't work for me. But for some it does. Perhaps if I had more kids I would need to. Thankfully my kids are fairly flexible and while they like routine they like surprises or "adventures"as we typically call them :).
We tend to have different schedules based on the different needs of our family. This is the current routine. Right now we have no babies. When we have night wakings the schedule shifts later. We currently start at 6 because the kids want to see Daddy before he leaves. That's around 6:20.
 Our basic is:
Get up (generally around 6- I let the kids wake up on their own.) I get up at 6, but have a hard time with it unless I'm asleep by 9:30. I need lots of sleep :)
School/field trip/play outside(if it will be a hot day and too hot to play later)
I keep up with the laundry through out the morning- usually 1-3 loads. We do family chores together at meal times.(set and clear table, load dishwasher, sweep floor)
lunch (generally 11-11:30)
 "rest time"which really means we all have alone time- that's either laying down or reading or audio books. It doesn't always happen, but when it does it recharges us.(generally 12-1-ish)
 Then we do outdoor time if it's nice and we haven't already. Sometimes we do park day or nature studies or swimming, and sometimes it's the backyard. During the summer or routines switch adn this is when we do school if we have spent the morning outdoors.
We also do projects and play with public school friends in the afternoon.
Then it's tidy the house, get ready for dinner and daddy home and then dinner family time and bed for kiddos, then either me time or couple time (sometimes it's errands) if my husband isn't studying. Monday he will be DONE for a week :) SO that will be a nice break! :)
Our routine has changed over the years as well. Right now we're getting up SUPER early (for me) because the kids want to say goodbye to Daddy before he goes to work. So they are up at 6. The positive is they are generally asleep by 7.
That never would have worked before a year ago when I was up with kids throughout the night!  But for now it means I have a lot of time at night to get my things done. I just have to have a good attitude about getting up early and that means I NEED a shower :) Getting dressed completely(including earrings and a necklace help me feel like I have my "uniform"on and I'm ready for my job as mother/teacher/whatever-else-comes-up-that-day.
What's your routine/schedule. I would love to hear!
(this is my 100th post! :) Yay for one baby step at a time!)

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