Thursday, October 9, 2014

Homeschooling for under $210

I wrote  a post on how to homeschool for free. I realized if you have these items, it's a lot easier. And for $210 or thereabouts you can get the. You can also spend less if you have them or if you can find them cheaper (from friends etc)Supplies that HELP a lot-
lots of printer ink and printer paper

If you have any of these supplies you can cut costs. But this is assuming you don't have any of these.

Are these absolutely necessary? No, but since may people have smart phone you can down load the kindle app or other reading apps.  But If I had $210 to start up homeschooling, I would get a cheap old school kindle(not the fire and I would pay for no ads) and a printer and ink for that printer.
This is what I would choose if no one I knew had an old kindle, or I couldn't get one of ebay or craigslist. I loved the keyboard kindle, but they don't make those anymore.

We have a canon MX850 and my folks have an MX 920. I found this awesome deal on the MX450. It doess dupex printing, copying, fax and scanning- plus this one has google cloud and compatible with apple products for printing- allf or $66 Pretty awesome.
I would then buy ink from or Amazon. At Amazon this is the what fits for ours. And it's pretty cheap for 2 sets of ink for $16
So for $210 I would buy
Printer $66
Printer ink- $15
kindle $100
case of paper- costco $29

Hope that helps you on your homeschooling journey. It realis IS possible to do homeschooling cheaply!


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