Thursday, October 9, 2014

Homeschooling for free

A friend asked if you can homeschool for free? My response ABSOLUTELY! And here's some different ways:

Supplies that HELP a lot-
lots of printer ink and printer paper

Are these absolutely necessary? No, but since may people have smart phone you can down load the kindle app or other reading apps. Here's a post on how to get these supplies for $210

If you have an ereader you can get a lot of free books both on Amazon (if it's a kindle ) and on sites like: free audiobooks

There are free  books lists everywhere. Ambleside online, sonlight,  Robinson curriculum , 1000 great reads etc. (google those)
Many of these can be gotten from the library or from the free books sources.  I would figure out what learning style your child is and what style of teacher you are. That will help you determine what you want to learn. It will also ebb and flow as well.

If you are just starting out reading up on deschooling is a really good idea. There's details here:

If you are LDS:
I put together a devotion list with memorization from the scriptures.I'm trying to figureout how to upload it so I will post it soon.
I also really like
for devotional- we do memory at breakfast and directly after do devotional. Also use  the friends or old friends magazines for curriculum as well and the the entire church website has lots of awesome activities.

There are free math and writing worksheets online (we like best, but it's a $25- $40 one time purchase- we have the old verison $25) and it's just fine))
MEP- Mathematics Enhancement program is free- but you do do a lot of printing. It's totally doable to do a free curriculum. There will be some cost in supplies- printing(we print a lot more homeschooling than many others)The website is:  also has free math books lists for learnign math thorugh literature.

some other free curriculums include (LDS)

It's totally doable! Hope this helps! Let me know if it did :)


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