Monday, March 28, 2011

Charlotte Mason Inspired Booklists Links

Well it's been a long slow slog as far as life goes and I haven't been up posting. My elbow is FINALLY tolerating typing a bit more and we only have 2 doctor appointments this week instead of the 4+ we've had the past few weeks, and that means I have time to entertain you with our book lists!!
From the beginning of my Education classes, teaching preschool, my elementary education classes and my Marriage and Family classes I've always felt books were important. And i"m talking the kind that are written by an author. Not the test book or compilations that are found in many schools. I'm also talking about books that aren't kept to a stilted outline and that aren't genuine ( a few early readers series come to mind). When I read about Charlotte Mason I knew I had found a philosophy that matched mine. And so living books is what we are focused . Both in school and in free reading.
ODD is a ferocious reader. I can't seem to find enough good solid books that are on her age level (6 1/2) and her reading level (3rd grade plus) and not too old for her content wise. In my searches I've found some really good sites. Many of them also have their philosophies of education. Some are Charlotte Mason based, some are other curriculum or resources. I've found I need to stick to what works for us and not read more about other curriculum because I get.. what... oh yeah- DISTRACTED!!!
So I can't necessarily vouch for the curriculum, but these are based on solid living books and not the fluff that passes as popular children's books right now. Here we are:

New book list:
Ignite the fire
Best online classic books
Simply Charlotte Mason Book Finder
School of Abraham reading lists (a list of lists)

Great resources we've taped into quite a bit:
Old fashioned curriculum
Milestones Academy year 1
Milestones Academy year 2
Milestones Academy year 3
Ambleside online
1000 Good book list
Five in a row book lists (scroll down)

I'm especially excited because many of the one in the new list are available free or cheap on the kindle. The challenge is then I need to give up my kindle for her reading time! I really need to find an older version of the kindle so she can have on of her own!

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