Monday, March 14, 2011

Schedules and Spring

It's a beautiful day! We are going to be looking for birds on our nature walk today! I will also be sending new mystery bird postings sometime today. We are starting our new routine and fingers crossed it works with this new time change! I really don't like the time change- but not enough to move to Arizona!

Here's our new schedule:

7 mom wake up, breakfast, shower, scripture reading, pull together final things for our morning

8 kids up Breakfast

During breakfast: Devotional, picture study from Gospel Art Kit, scripture memory, Poem memory

After clearing the table back to the table for play dough and math. We’ll be rotating the order

After breakfast and math, get dressed

Head to school room for Pledge of allegiance, fun songs and then get focused on work boxes and Montessori centers.

Then we do lunch and naps/quiet time.

I’m trying to figure out the after noon after naps and getting in a nature walk before lunch and naps, but not sure when to work that in there. I’ll update as we work through it and see how it goes.

With the time change the times haven't been exact, but the order is working so we will continue to get the timing adjusted! Hope you are enjoying the beginning of spring wherever you are!

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