Saturday, March 12, 2011

What's in the box?

A while ago I posted about our workboxes. I finally figured out how to easily download pictures and so can now post them. These pictures are the boxes we worked on one day in January. Sorry the pictures are side ways I thought I fixed it, bit apparently not!

Box 1- read a story about George Washington. We were given many of this series and it's a hit around here!

Box 2 Our current English Milestones academy- currently under revision ad not available right now. I found a great deal on the Mead 09956 Primary Journal here (I bought 10 for the discount)

Box 3 A puzzle do do after doing a Scripture worksheet Grandma sent. (My oldest needs to see the reward- knowing it's in the next box doesn't work, so putting them in the same box with the fun stuff underneath has been working better for her)

Box 4: Kumon Math followed by Peg board

Box 5: Draw write now, complete with pencils and notebook. This is actually her finished drawing of Native Americans

Box 6: Tanagrams, a favorite "fun" activity with a good dose of geometry hidden for good practice!

Box 7: Telling time clock found at Target's semi annual toy clearance and Kumon time work book. We're really working on some concepts that haven't been mastered in math(specifically time and money)

Box 8: Copywork made by me with Start Write This one line one of a favorite hymn.

Box 9: Reading George Washington Read-aloud while everyone colors. Favorite activity to end the day

We're only doing 9 boxes (instead of the traditional 12 workboxes) since we're sticking fun boxes in with other boxes) and for now that's allt he shelf space we have. Thanks for looking! Hope this gives you some ideas what to put in your boxes and what we do each day!

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