Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer boredom taking over yet?

In our neck of the woods, public school has its last day today. But I know many other places have been out for a while.  And quite often after we have finished homeschool in the morning and the kids aren't into some cool project, I hear these, words, " I'm bored, there's nothing to do."

I saw this on Facebook and thought it was a perfect thing for any time of year, when my kids tell me the dreaded, "I'm bored".  For years I have followed that sentence with, "Then I have a chore for you." Which immediately ends up with a child running away and finding something to do- it may not be productive, but chores in this house seem to be the dreaded disease int his situation :)
I really love this and am contemplating printing it out and posting on the bulletin board for quick reference when I hear those words! :)
I'm also contemplating making some cards for each letter as a grab bag for uncreative kids, but that project might take forever and not get used, (because I want to make it cute- perfection monster!) or end up knocked over and scattered throughout the house. So I will keep ruminating on that idea :)
What is your response to those dreaded words?


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