Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sewing follow up!

I DID it!! I made a TON of kids and doll clothing! Sooo incredibly excited about it! I was in a stashbuster contest on Facebook with Elie inspired.  There's aren't the best pictures since I only have my iPod as a camera currently. Here are a few of my creations:
 Modified for a straighter skirt

Carousel Girl

 Mini Carousel Girl for a matching set :)
Jazzy Girl with slight modifications

Carousel Girl modified to a shirt

Dancer and Mini Dancer matching sets
Patriotic dress a Combo of The carousel bodice and Hopscotch Girl bottom done patchwork style.

Another version of the  Patriotic dress Combo of The carousel bodice and Hopscotch Girl bottom, using knit this time

That is about most of what I was able to get done in May. I did a whopping 27 items! Whoa! That's a first for me- even when I have sewn shorts for the girls it was closer to 15 items. Supper excited I was able to get so many done!
I will post the rest of them shortly!
What is the most you have sewn in a month?


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