Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sewing weights DIY

I am so of proud of this project! Fast and easy and done! I had seen this idea on Pinterest here and thought that using weights instead of pins would help a ton decrease my sewing time and increase my desire to sew. I like the sewing part and the finished product in sewing. The cutting is necessary, the pinning is a necessary evil in my mind.
When I had a sudden need to go to the Hardware store to grab a part for the toilet, I saw the washers nuts and grabbed them  I bought 8 for $4. I bought the largest they had!  If you got them used at a yard sale or had them around, this could be a free project.
nuts + scrap fabric + glue = new fabric weights for $4.00 out of our pocket :)
I made double the fabric weights for HALF the price amazon is charging! Their price is $10.5 for 4!
Amazon price per weight- $2.71
My price per weight- $0.50
Savings of $2.21!!

I may grab some more next time I'm at the hardware store- occasionally I am short a few, or transferring them from one pattern piece to the next. I love their usefulness and how fast they went together! The tutorial I linked above has you glue them with hot glue on the inside before and after I did see the need to do it int he beginning- just tucked it in and  I haven't gotten there yet for the end and they work just fine! I'm sure next time I pull out the glue gun, I will get it done.
Fast, cheap and useful! Yay!


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