Monday, July 1, 2013

Daily Songs

Every morning during breakfast the kids and I do scriptures and songs as our morning devotional.routine I have a flip chart that I put together that has some new songs. I found them a long time ago. "The here still PHEW! I've been trying to find newer black and white outline flip charts for the new song. Those have been hard to find.So instead I have printed out simple ones with pictures from the friend in gray scale. That has worked well. Here are the sources I have used for my flip charts:

Primary to Go"website is closed, but the files can be found
 Idea door

LDS organists

In the Leafy treetops the birds sing "Good morning"

Every year I pick out the scriptures and Primary songs we will memorize for the year and then I print them out and use it all year. It makes our devotional time a breeze. I just pick up the scripture notebook and the song notebook and we are ready to go. When it's a new song and we don't know the tune, I grab the song on YouTube on the iPod. It's low enough it doesn't drown us out, but we can still hear it :)


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