Saturday, July 27, 2013

School room tour

 We currently have our school room in our dining room. It also happens to be the first room you walk into in the house. We have really used it and enjoy it. And since it's front and center, it's kept cleaner :) Here is a picture tour:

This is a big table for bigger kids and me. Montessori shelves next to table, couch for read aloud in lower left of picture. Workboxes/Montessori trays on bookshelf on far wall. Mom's supplies behind door.

Timeline and kiddos tables against the double fireplace/chimney. You can see the couch peeks out behind it.

Another view. Little table in far lower left, kitchen door is to the right, just in front of the book shelves

Kids using the space and a picture of the couch. This is before it was exactly like it is now. (there are different tables in the left picture)

 Our eat in Kitchen where our morning starts and we do Scripture memory, songs and picture study during breakfast.
We really enjoy the space and have fun using it. Because it is also our front room, it doubles well as a "sitting room" and it works!

And because I was asked here is where these items are found. I got about half from Craigslist and half from the stores. :)

The short shelves under the window are ANTOK Kitchen cabinets from Ikea. I bought extra shelves. The table is from Sam's Club and goes up and done from 22 inch to counter as well as regular table height. It was $35 last year, but has gone up quite a bit!
The book shelves are Billy from Ikea. Two full width and one half size. There are extension tops on each of them. The doors are OLSBO. The ones we have are white. They have gone up to and are now $40.

Little kid chairs are from Walmart and the big  chairs are Stefan chairs from Ikea
The colorful trays on for the Workboxes and Montessori trays are from Target. They were $2.50 and are found in the dollar spot at back to school time.

I'd love to see your school room!


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