Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Divide and conquer library run

As I've written about before we love books. If food wasn't needed books might come before them in our family's list of needs. One tradition is at least 1 book run a week to our favorite library. It is a regional library that is about 8 minutes from our house. Closet library is 3 minutes, but it’s smaller and doesn’t have as many books and definitely doesn’t have the polar bear reading club that the regional one does. So we generally go to the one that’s 8 minutes away. And lately it's become a trip done on Saturday afternoons. The challenge had become is that it has slipped farther and farther in the afternoon depending on how busy we've been hanging out. And we've been busy ;) So this last week we did what I call “split and conquer library run" We literally finally got us all out the door, in the car seats and pulling out of the driveway, at 4:45. Then we missed the light at the end of our road and had to wait wan wait wan wait. We had 15 to get there and get our books and do the children's program and get out. They are pretty strict with their closing time. So we pull up and have 9 minutes there. Time must have warp or something because my husband does not drive fast (unlike other drivers in our household who will remain unnamed) and we go t there in half the time it usually takes. We rushed in, Husband went to get the books on hold shelf, I went to the reference librarian with the kids and then we went to check out. No browsing was planned. As we were standing in line, the kids and I kept leaving to get more books :) My oldest would ask, can't we get any movies? I said, "Ok lets go!", we ran-walked over the shelves and found 2 movies. Then we headed back to the line. I asked my husband, did you get the books from the list I gave you? He looked apologetic and said, "No when I would have done that?" I realized our time frame and off we went with paper in hand. It was hilarious. We were second in line and for some reason when we were checking out it took forever. So there stands my husband’s dutifully checking out books while his crazy wife with baby on hip and two towheads following are rushing all over the library picking up extra “needs”! :) And he still loves me. Bless him.

So after that rushed and harried trip, needless to say we'll be planning our library trip more carefully this week. But all things considered, leave it to us to be able to get 35 books checked out in 4minutes or less! I wonder if that's a world record? ;)

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