Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekly Wrap up Jan 9

Well, With everyone sick this week our last week plans pretty much become this week plans. And since we have 2 doctor appointments, that will take up the time we did the lessons last week.
I'm really excited that last week, SDD is "reading" books instead of always asking for a movie (DVD). It's nice to see her changing that way. Yesterday we had a quiet Sat and played two games I found online. One was Number Lotto game I found here from Gentle Shepherd. We also played the farm matching game found here. It's only free until tomorrow. It's a matching game, but with a twist. You use the Spanish, french or German name for the animal instead of the English words. Since we are working on Spanish I thought I would try it out. My kids really enjoyed it and so did their Dad and I. When our youngest woke up she loved it, but wanted to keep the cards and then through a fit when that wasn't part of the plan.
I am thinking of using a new Spanish interactive curriculum I found on a favorite blog of mine. Speekee is uses Castillian Spanish(from Spain) and has puppets similar to Sesame Street. Since we don't do much on the computer, this will be fun to try out as an addition to our daily Spanish words.
We're going to be working some more on our George Washington unit. It seems like it isn't as interesting as it was for the kids this past week as it was before. If that's the case, we'll finish up the unit plan this week and move on to something else next week. I have a few ideas, but haven't decided on one yet. I have found that it is very difficult to get through a unit if they have no interest, but I also don't want them to get used to stopping what they are doing midstream just because they aren't as interested.
The girls have also started to love baking so we're going to be doing some cooking from the time of Felicity and George Washington. Changing old time recipes to Gluten Free will be an interesting challenge.
Speaking of cooking gluten free, I've been so excited to find that we've had some more successes in gluten free cooking this week. Today we made this cake from I still have issues with it not wuite being cooked through even when I ad extra time. A friend of mine has suggested that it's my oven. I sure hope not, but we'll soon find out with our baking this week!
So that's our weekly wrap up! I'm looking forward to this week and hearing what the doctors say we can incorporate into out routine to help my SDD who has some sensory and walking issues.

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