Sunday, January 9, 2011

Works for me Wednesday

For our state requirements here in Virginia, we use the California Achievement Test (CAT). We order if from Seton testing and wow do they have a fast turn around! I usually get the test bake within 2-3 days! It does help that they are a two hour drive from us, but still
that's impressive!
Our state gives us the option to so the standardized test or a portfolio. I think we may be doing a portfolio in a year or so to help include all the kids. I'm not sure how well Beta will do with testing. But for now it works for us. And incredibly Alpha LOVES testing.
In order to understand how much she love sit, I need to share a story. On Christmas vacation I ordered the test. We usually go March to February and homeschool year round. We started in March because I had a baby due in May when we were anticipating starting homeschool Kindergarten for my oldest some homeschooling routines in before we had baby #3 (Gamma) to add to the mix.
Anyway,here we are on Christmas vacation at the grandparents and the new tests arrive. As soon as she found out what it was, she wanted to take it. And she finished it in record time. I have been using the next grade to see where she is each year. Kind of as a pretest for the next school year, but also to see if I'm keeping up with her level in the work I assign her. Amazingly to me, she also cruised through parts of Second grade. This is not a brag at all it's just where she is and shows how much she enjoys standardized testing. It's kind of an odd phenomenon around here. I wouldn't say I love standardized testing myself, but there's a certain logic to them and I tend to do well on them. My darling husband absolutely can't stand them and doesn't do as well on them.
So for now, Standardized testing is what works for me!

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