Saturday, January 14, 2012


Decluttering- the word it self means different things for different people. And currently it isn't even found in most dictionaries. But as a country that has more things that we know what to do with(as shown by the amount of storage units in the country), it has become a cry by all the organizing experts out there. Flylady and Peter Walsh (here too) my favorites among them.

Decluttering for me means that I don’t have to keep something that I don’t love. Decluttering takes a certain attitude and decision making skills. YouLink need to decide that you REALLY want to have space more than stuff. And it’s a process. Sometimes a long process. Having a friend help you declutter is a path to success. I’ve had several friends who have donated their time and energy to get the junk out of our house. And it’s so freeing! Last night I purged the carport and rearranged somethings from the attic and carport. As a result I have three piles to sort through in the carport(books to organize, one last pile to do a fast sort, and things that need to go into the house. I’m hoping to get that done this weekend. But the other thing that I have(drum roll please….) is a full recycling and full trash can. These are large units and mine are FULL!! And I intend to fill them up some more as I continue my quest this week and year! To be free of all things I don’t choose to have in my life, physically and otherwise! (guilt for not cleaning is being purged too!)

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