Friday, January 13, 2012

Free Reading Assessments

At the beginning of each new semester or quarter it's nice to get a feel for where my kids are and see how they are learning. ODD has a real knack for reading and is cruising along. At the beginnning of the school year I was trying to find appropriate level books for her and had no idea where to start her. When I was in Grad school for Education I remembered using the Ekwell/Shanker Reading Inventory. I pulled it out and sort of remembered it. I thought there's got to be an easier way.(that's free) And there is. The good news for homeschoolers is that it's FREE! There are actually a few different assessments which I like because sometimes the tests are skewed one way or another and it's good for a perfectionist, I mean nervous mom to know where the kids is and how to move forward.
Here are some short fast ways to assess what level the kids are reading. Here's the The San Diego Quick Assessment and a bit more info on it and different format:

And in case you want a few more just to be sure here's a few different tests(about halfway down after the second grid table)

It always helps to have more than one way to see how the kids measure.
Sometimes the test themselves are a bit skewed. The best part is all of them are
Hope that helps in your quest to help your kid be the best they can be!

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