Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Years Goals

I already briefly posted about my New Year Resolution and I really haven't gotten them all figured out yet. But basically it is to become more organized in physical, thought and life.

And this year I want to actually follow through with my wishes. So writing things down and then following through. Someone famous somewhere said if you write down a goal you have a high percentage(like 95% of doing it.) And that was with simply writing it down and never revisiting it! Pretty powerful stuff. I’ve gotten other ideas rattling in my brain as to specifics for goals in each of the 5 areas of my life(physical, spiritual, relationships, work(homeschool), personal, ) But for now I wanted to get this quick post off to write down I want to be a “follow thorugh-er” and more organized this year!


PS After a bit of searching I found the study I was thinking about here

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