Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snowmen with no snow!

Snowmen with no snow!I loving Pintrest as I talked about here and I wanted to share this super cute snow man idea. My kids have been so devastated by the lack of snow and near spring like weather. They actually cried the morning they woke up and the one day snow was melting! Poor kiddos! So when I found this, I was so excited. Now to go through my junk stuff I’m saving just for such projects and hope I have enough white lids!! Maybe I’ll see what I can find through Freecycle too. She has a ton of cute recycle drafts using bottle caps. I am hoping to do a few of them for our winter unit and handicrafts. This may not be a traditional Charlotte Mason handcraft, but making beautiful and cute things out of trash has to have value in it somewhere!

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